Way to English
2020/03/25 分享
  • You wanted to talk to me?

  • What gave it away? The nine texts or the 16 messages?

  • I was on a plane.

  • Yeah, well, I'm in your old office wondering why you even gave it to me if you're not gonna let me make simple personnel decisions.

  • Mike, if you let this asshole bully you, you're gonna be backing down for the rest of your life.

bully [ˈbʊli]

vt. 恐吓,威逼、盛气凌人,以强凌弱

vi. 欺侮

n. 仗势欺人者,横行霸道者、暴徒、打手、情人

adj. 第一流的,特好的

int. 好,妙(感叹词)

  • I'm not backing down. I am buying time so that I can stop this bullshit from ever happening again.

  • You don't need time. I have a way. Stop apologizing and start intimidating.


vt. 恐吓,威胁( intimidate的现在分词)

  • Well, that's a hell of a slogan, Harvey, but what does it actually mean?

slogan [ˈsloʊgən]

n. 标语,口号、呐喊声、(商业广告上用的)短语

  • It means you go out, you find a reporter, and you take control of the narrative. Instead of a lying fraud, you're a hero fighting for *redemption8.

narrative [ˈnærətɪv]

n. 记叙文、故事、叙述,记事、叙述手法

adj. 叙述的,叙事体的、善于叙述的

  • I don't have time to change my image. Look, if I lose this case, the only article that's gonna get written is that I never should have been able to practice law in the first place.

  • Yeah, well, if you can't figure out a way to win without Rachel's help, then maybe I shouldn't have brought you back in the first place because I've had about enough of having every employee I have question every decision I make.