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2020/03/13 分享
  • I don't understand. I mean, I get that the offer is horrible, but if the judge is letting this thing go to trial, he must think I have a case.

  • You do have a case, Harry. But the lawyer on the other side of this thing has made it clear that he is willing to pull out all of the stops, no matter how low.

willing [ˈwɪlɪŋ]

adj. 乐意的,愿意的、自愿的,心甘情愿的

v. will的现在分词、决心、用意志力驱使

  • They already used the photo of Shannon. What else do they have?

  • Me.

  • What are you talking about?

  • Look, I am a fully-licensed member of the bar now, but, before I was, I-- I was practicing law without a license, and I got caught.

  • And you didn't think I should know that?

  • I didn't think that it would be relevant.

  • It sure as hell seems relevant.

  • They are just trying to prejudice the jury against me...

prejudice [ˈprɛdʒədɪs]

n. 成见,偏见,歧视、侵害、伤害

vt. 使有偏见、不利于,损害

jury [ˈdʒʊri]

n. 陪审团、(展览会,竞赛等的)全体评审员、舆论的裁决、评判委员会

adj. 应急的、[航](船上)应急用的、暂时的

  • They're going to be prejudiced against you. I'd be.

  • I'm telling you that I can still win this.

  • Still win? They're gonna make it seem like Shannon lied on purpose, and then I went out and hired a liar to cover it up.

on purpose [ɑn ˈpɚpəs]

并非偶然地、 故意地、特地、 特有的目的

  • If you want someone else to handle this, I completely understand.

  • The only problem with that is I went to 15 firms before I came to you, and none of them would take my case because of that photo. You were my last hope, Mr.Ross, and now you're telling me we're gonna lose.

  • No, Harry. I am promising you that I will not cost you this case.