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2020/03/11 分享
  • Your Honor, they can dress this up all they want, but the fact is the deceased entered into a contract in bad faith by claiming she was no longer a smoker.

deceased [dɪˈsist]

adj. <法,正>已故的,已死的

n. 死者

v. 死,死亡(decease的过去式和过去分词)

faith [feθ]

n. 信用,信任、信仰,信念、忠诚、宗教

int. 实在,确实

  • The only fact here is that they're manufacturing a reason to weasel out of a legitimate claim.

legitimate [ləˈdʒɪtəmɪt]

adj. 合法的,合理的、正规的、合法婚姻所生的、真正的,真实的

vt. 使合法、给予合法的地位、通过法律手段给(私生子)以合法地位、正式批准,授权

  • Are you gonna tell the court that we manufactured this picture of your client smoking eight months ago?

manufactured [mænjʊ'fæktʃəd]

adj. 人造的

v. (大规模)制造( manufacture的过去式和过去分词 )、捏造、加工、粗制滥造(文学作品)

  • I'm well aware of the photo that you sent a grieving husband, but an image of a woman not inhaling a cigarette doesn't prove anything.


v. 感到悲痛,伤心( grieve的现在分词 )、使…伤心

inhaling [ɪn'heɪlɪŋ]

v. 吸入( inhale的现在分词 )

  • She lied on her application.

  • Which had nothing to do with how she died.

  • And manner of death isn't at issue here. The contract is.

  • He's got a point.

  • Your Honor, they're claiming that my client entered into a policy in bad faith. Well, what kind of faith is it when a company pores through a woman's social media history just to stick it to her grieving husband and three children?

pore [pɔr, por]

n. 毛孔、气孔、细孔

vi. 细看、钻研、凝视

  • Better faith than a man that pretended to be an attorney for the better part of three years.

  • What are you talking about?

  • Your Honor, this is Mr.Ross' Harvard diploma. The only problem is Mr. Ross never actually went to Harvard. The only place he did graduate from was Danbury Federal Prison where he spent time for impersonating a lawyer.


vt. 扮演(impersonate的现在分词形式)

  • All right, that is inadmissible and irrelevant.

inadmissible [ˌɪnədˈmɪsəbəl]

adj. 不能允许的,不可接受的

  • You're claiming bad faith. Your whole life is bad faith. I think a jury should have a chance to hear that.

  • Your Honor, this...

  • Your motion to dismiss is denied, Mr.Ackerman, but, Mr.Ross, I am inclined to agree that your history is relevant to this case, which means, if he wants to bring it up at trial, I'm not stopping him.

dismiss [dɪsˈmɪs]

vt. 解雇,把…免职、遣散,解散(队伍等)、驳回,拒绝受理、搁置、不予考虑;摒弃

vi. 解散

inclined [ɪnˈklaɪnd]

adj. 倾斜的、倾向的

v. (使)倾斜( incline的过去式和过去分词)、(使)偏向