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  • I was at work. It was the kids' daycare calling. Shannon never showed up.

daycare ['deɪker]

n. 日托,幼儿园

  • And then what happened?

  • Then the police called. My world ended. And one month later, I got a letter from the insurance company saying Shannon lied on her application.

  • About what?

  • They're claiming she was a smoker.

smoker [ˈsmoʊkə(r)]

n. 吸烟者

  • Was she?

  • No, she quit five years ago, and she was totally up-front about it.

  • So then why would they think she lied on her application?

  • Because of this. It's a picture of Shannon at her cousin's wedding. They sent it to me along with her denied claim.

cousin ['kʌzn]

n. 堂[表]兄弟姊妹、远亲,同辈

denied [dɪ'naɪəd]

adj. 拒签

v. 拒绝( deny的过去式和过去分词 )、拒绝承认、拒绝…占有、否认知情

  • Please tell me this picture is over five years old.

  • It was taken eight months ago. They must've gone into her Facebook page.

  • Shit.

  • It was one cigarette, and I gave her hell for it.

cigarette [ˈsɪgəret]

n. 纸烟,香烟

  • It doesn't matter if it was one or a hundred, it's enough for them to claim her policy is null and void.

claim [klem]

vt. 声称、断言、需要、索取

vi. 提出要求

n. (根据权利而提出的)要求、声称、断言、索赔

void [vɔɪd]

adj. 空的,空虚的,没人住的、(职位)空缺着的、无效的

n. 太空,宇宙空间、空位,空隙、空虚感,寂寞的心情

vt. 使无效、宣布…作废、取消、排泄

  • My wife died in a car accident, Mr.Ross. She was a healthy 39-year-old woman. She died rushing from her job to pick up our children. What the hell does any of this have to do with smoking?

  • It shouldn't have anything to do with it, but this company is not in the business of helping people. It's in the business of making money. So if they can find any reason not to honor a claim, they'll take it.

honor [ˈɑnɚ]

n. 尊敬、敬意、荣誉、光荣

vt. 尊敬,给以荣誉

[英国英语] =honour

  • Without that insurance money, we're gonna lose our home. Please--my children have lost enough.

  • I'll find a way.