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2020/03/06 分享
  • Do you find it peaceful here in the day too?

peaceful [ˈpisfəl]

adj. 和平的、爱好和平的、安静的、平静的

  • If you're here to bring me my check, then the answer's yes.

  • I'm here to tell you that we stopped the sale.

  • What did you just say?

  • We're not taking part in your fraud so that you can dump your shitty company.

fraud [frɔd]

n. 欺诈、骗子、伪劣品、冒牌货

shitty [ˈʃɪti]

adj. 劣等的,较差的

  • You son of a bitch, I don't remember giving you a choice.

  • Well, you did, because your exact words were, "Do it, or you're fired".

  • Then you're goddamn fired.

  • You can let us go if you want, but the second you do, we're putting out a press release saying Pearson Specter Litt no longer represents clients we feel are unethical in their divestiture practices.

unethical [ʌnˈeθɪkl]

adj. 不道德的

divestiture [dɪˈvɛstɪtʃɚ, -ˌtʃʊr, daɪ-]

n. 脱去(衣服)、剥夺财产或权利,夺去称号、脱衣

  • You can't do that, that's attorney-client privilege.

  • No, it's not, because we're not gonna name you. But you can bet your ass the whole world is gonna know who we're talking about.

  • What do you want from me?

  • Are you asking me as my client? Because I don't give free legal advice.

  • Yes, okay. You're still my attorney.

attorney [əˈtɜrni]

n. 代理人、律师

  • In that case, here's what's gonna happen: You're gonna go into business with the guys whose process you stole. You're gonna quietly give them 10% of your company, you're gonna triple your price, and you're gonna have a very public feud over whose vodka tastes better.

triple [ˈtrɪpəl]

adj. 三倍的,三方的,三部分的

vt.& vi. (使)增至三倍

n. 三倍的数[量]、三个一组、[棒]三垒安打

feud [fjud]

n. 不和,世仇、封地

vi. 长期不和、经常争吵

  • And then we both profit from a war between two brands that have the exact same product.

profit [ˈprɑfɪt]

n. 收益,得益、利润、红利、净值利润率

vt. 有益于…,对…有益的、得益、创利润

vi. 有益、获利


n. 商标( brand的名词复数 )、牌子、烙印、类型

v. 污辱( brand的第三人称单数 )、铭刻于、加商标于、打烙印于

  • Win-win.

  • Maybe you are as good as Jessica.

  • Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. But the thing we have in common is we're never gonna be bullied by any of our clients.


adj. 被欺负了

v. 恐吓,威逼( bully的过去式和过去分词 )