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2020/03/05 分享
  • How'd it go?

  • That depends. What was Axelrod's second bid?

  • 200 million.

  • Well, then it doesn't really matter how it went, because whatever those clowns come up with, Neil Stillman's walking away with a boatload of cash.

clown [klaʊn]

n. 丑角,小丑、乡下人,笨拙粗鲁的人、经常闹笑话的人、小气鬼,守财奴

v. 扮小丑、闹笑话、说笑话,逗趣

boatload ['boʊtˌloʊd]

n. 船的载货量,一条船的货物

  • Speaking of boatloads of cash...

  • It's a check for half a million dollars.

  • I told you I was serious about becoming a partner, and I am.

  • Donna

  • Harvey, be honest. You haven't given one thought to what we talked about yesterday.

  • I've been a little busy.

  • And you've also been avoiding the subject. This way, you have to take me seriously.

  • I do take you seriously.

  • Then walk the hell down to Louis' office and tell him I'm a partner.

  • Donna, I can't just ram every decision down his throat.

ram [ræm]

n. 公羊、<天>(R-)白羊(星)座、<机>夯、攻城槌

vt. 夯实(土等)、猛撞、猛压、反复灌输

vi. (使)猛烈撞击、迅速移动、迫使…明白

throat [θroʊt]

n. 咽喉、颈前部、[植物学]管颈

vt. 用沙哑的声音或嗓音发音

  • Every decision? You haven't even told him that you're stepping into Jessica's shoes yet.

  • I'm waiting for the right time.

  • And if I were a partner, I would tell you that the right time was yesterday.

  • Donna

  • Harvey, you think I'm asking for charity, I'm not. I am asking for you to make official what I have been doing for years anyway, which is giving you advice, like you need to step the hell up and tell Louis that you're in charge, and right this second, you're either gonna take that advice, or you're not, but it is time that you recognize me for what I do.

charity [ˈtʃærɪti]

n. 慈善(行为)、施舍,捐助、慈善机关、仁爱,宽容

recognize [ˈrɛkəɡˌnaɪz]

vt. 认出、识别、承认

vi. 承认,确认、[法律]具结,立保证书