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2020/03/04 分享
  • I don't care what they say. This is bullshit, and I'm not gonna get played.

bullshit [ˈbʊlˌʃɪt]

n. 胡说

vt.& vi. 胡说,哄骗

  • Gentlemen, we're so sorry. It's my first day. Evidently, I booked the conference room at the same time as Harvey.

  • Bullshit. You think we don't know what's going on here? You double booked the room to scare us into overbidding.


v. 出价高与(别人),(桥牌上)叫牌超过(别人),过高出价( overbid的现在分词 )

  • You're right. We should have known a couple of smart guys like you would never fall for the banana in the tailpipe.

tailpipe [ˈtelˌpaɪp]

n. 排气管

  • We brought you down here just because you were the only two bidders who came in at 100 million, so now, you have to look each other in the eye while you go head-to-head.

  • So here's what's gonna happen: You got one chance to write down your best bid. Winner takes all, loser goes home. We'll be back in 15 minutes, and we better see some more zeroes.

  • What if we collude, right here? Stick at 100 and you're shit out of luck? Which, by the way, is exactly why you don't double book a conference room.

collude [kəˈlud]

vi. 密谋,共谋

  • There's only one problem with that. When we said you two were the only ones that came in at 100, we didn't say there wasn't someone who put down more.

  • Axelrod.

  • Bingo. Second bid came in 20 minutes ago.

  • So if you two want to collude, go right ahead, but it better be for a hell of a lot more than 100 million.