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2020/03/03 分享
  • You know this office isn't gonna pack itself up, right?

pack [pæk]

n. 一群、包裹、(纸牌的)一副、一组

vt.& vi. (把…)打包、塞进、拥进、(使)聚集成团

vt. 挑选、压紧、携带、拧紧

vi. 包装、紧挤在一起、便于折叠收藏的、匆忙离去(有时与 off 连用)

  • It's not packed because one of us has been at work for the last three hours.

  • The other one of us was sleeping off all the work he did last night.

  • You mean you're hung over from all the vodka you drank?

hung over [hʌŋ ˈovɚ]


  • Yeah, that's what I just said.

  • I never should have hired you back.

  • Well, it's too late to fire me now.

  • Is it? Because if you were worth your salary, you'd ask how many bids we're sitting on.

  • I don't have to ask, because I've got this. Guest list was 500, and half of them came for the girls. Half of the other half don't have the capital, and 60% of the rest of them woke up realizing they don't want to work in the liquor business. Take, I don't know, what, 47 off the top for good measure? Leaves us with three bids.

  • Donna told you, didn't she?

  • Probably.

  • Did she bother telling you what we're doing now?

bother [ˈbɑðə(r)]

vt. 烦扰,打扰、使…不安,使…恼怒、使迷惑、烦恼

vi. 操心、麻烦、烦恼

n. 麻烦,操心、累赘、烦扰,吵闹、讨厌的人

  • She didn't have to, 'cause you're Harvey Specter. You've got one trick, and you taught it to me years ago, so let's go.

trick [trɪk]

n. 戏法,把戏、计谋,诀窍、骗局、恶作剧

vt. 哄骗,欺骗、打扮

adj. 弄虚作假的、有诀窍的、欺诈的

  • You know I have more than one trick, right?

  • No, I know you think you do, but just because you put on a different costume doesn't make it a different trick.

costume [ˈkɑstum]

n. (戏剧或电影的)戏装,演出服、服装,衣服、泳装,常用于英式英语、(某地或某历史时期的)服装

vt. 给…穿上服装、给…提供服装

  • Yeah, I liked you better when you were drunk.

drunk [drʌŋk]

adj. 醉的、陶醉的、沉醉、飘飘然

n. 醉汉,酒鬼,酗酒者

v. 喝(酒)( drink的过去分词)、饮、喝酒、(尤指)酗酒

  • I liked you better when I was drunk too.