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  • There he is. Hey, Harvey, this was a great idea, huh? Glad I thought of it.

  • Are we having fun?

  • If you call talking geopolitics with a model named Svetlana fun, then that would be a big, fat bowl of yes.

geopolitics [ˌdʒioʊˈpɑlətɪks]

n. 地缘政治学

  • Easy, tiger. The bartender's pouring doubles.

bartender [ˈbɑrtendə(r)]

n. 酒吧间销售酒精饮料的人,酒吧间男招待

  • Mm. And what are you getting at?

  • I'm having another drink. I said for you to be careful. I can handle my liquor.

liquor [ˈlɪkɚ]

n. 酒,烈性酒、含酒精饮料

vt. 浸泡、喝酒

  • Okay. How many fingers am I holding up, huh? Huh? You can't tell, can you? Who can't handle my liquor now?

  • I'd tell you to put food in your stomach, but unfortunately, I only ordered enough to give the appearance of having food.

stomach [ˈstʌmək]

n. 胃、腹部、食欲、欲望

vt. 容忍、吃…吃得津津有味、〈古〉对…发怒

appearance [əˈpɪrəns]

n. 外貌,外观、出现,露面、[哲]现象

  • So basically, you're just trying to get these guys hammered so you can drive up the bidding.

hammered [ˈhæmərd]

adj. 锤成的,铸打成的

v. 锤打( hammer的过去式和过去分词 )、反复敲打,连续击打(尤指发出大声)、击败、猛踢

  • No. I told you, the guys hitting on the models aren't serious. Now I'm telling you...

  • That the guys who let themselves get drunk aren't serious, which means whoever's left are the bids that we have in our hands at the end of the night.

  • You knew it the whole time, didn't you?

  • Who do you think you're talking to?

  • Good man.

  • There's just one small problem. What if, by accident, I happen to be one of the people that let himself get too drunk?

  • You just might as well keep drinking, 'cause if we're not having fun, what the hell are we doing here?

  • Yes! Copy that.