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2020/02/28 分享
  • You thinking what I'm thinking?

  • Depends. What are you thinking?

  • I'm thinking we've got a vodka company to sell.

  • You already said you wanted to have some fun.

  • That's right, and you put those two together, what have we got?

  • Both: Party.

  • See? We're already on the same page. Why don't you get a kick-ass location, and I'll get the models.

models ['mɒdlz]

n. 模型( model的名词复数 )、模特儿、模式、典型

  • Models? I like models. Why can't I get the models?

  • You make a good point. It's a two-man job. We'll both get the models.

  • Harvey, seriously, why do we even have to have models at this party?

  • Well, two reasons. First, people expect it, and you've got to give the people what they want.

  • Second, any dipshit who shows up and hits on the models all night isn't a serious bidder for the company.

dipshit ['dɪpʃɪt]

n. 笨蛋

bidder [ˈbɪdɚ]

n. 出价者,投标人、命令者,嘱咐者、[牌]叫牌人

  • Huh, you really are ready for my office.

  • Hey, speaking of which, when exactly is that gonna happen.

  • I can't talk about that right now. I got to go hit on some models.

  • Hey, Harvey, jokes aside, what you said before about us working together like the old days, I appreciate it. It means a lot to me.

appreciate [əˈpriʃiˌet]

vt. 感激、欣赏、领会、鉴别

vi. (使)增值,涨价

  • Me too.

  • Both: Pussy.