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2020/02/27 分享
  • Because you don't clean up the balance sheet of your third largest division six months after you restructure if you're not looking to put it on the market.

balance sheet [ˈbæləns ʃit]

n. 资产负债表、财务状况表

division [dɪˈvɪʒən]

n. 分开,分隔、[数]除法、部门、[军]师

restructure [riˈstrʌktʃɚ]

v. 重建、调整、重组

  • Okay, you brought the right guy. My question is, what took so long?

  • And my question is what's the rush? 'Cause you also don't ram a transaction through if you don't have to.

ram [ræm]

n. 公羊、<天>(R-)白羊(星)座、<机>夯、攻城槌

vt. 夯实(土等)、猛撞、猛压、反复灌输

vi. (使)猛烈撞击、迅速移动、迫使…明白

transaction [trænˈsækʃən, -ˈzæk-]

n. 交易,业务,事务、办理,处理、(一笔)交易,(一项)事务、(学会等的)会议记录,学报

  • I have an opportunity to buy another company, and I don't wanna let it slip away.

slip away [slɪp əˈwe]


  • What company? I'll start vetting them for you.


n. 数据检查[核对,核实]

v. 审查(某人过去的记录、资格等)( vet的现在分词 )、调查、检查、诊疗

  • They're Russian, and they make a little product called none of your goddamn business.

  • Neil, what's with the secrecy? We're your lawyers. We need to know what you're looking to do.

secrecy [ˈsikrɪsi]

n. 保密、保密能力、秘密(状态)、守秘密

  • The secrecy is in case you're not my lawyers two weeks from now. I don't want you knowing who I'm going after.

  • Is that a threat?

threat [θrɛt]

n. 威胁、恐吓、凶兆

  • It's just my way of making sure I don't keep falling through the cracks. Now let's talk terms.

terms [tɜrmz]

n. 条件、表达方式、措辞、说法、任期( term的名词复数 )、(学校的)学期、[复数](合同、付款、价格等的)条件、时期