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2020/02/26 分享
  • Where the hell have you been?

  • Neil, you called an hour ago.

  • Well, that means you should have been here in 30 minutes.

  • Well, I got news for you: I'm not Dominos.

  • That's too bad, because slinging pizzas might be the only job you can get if you don't stop shitting the bed.

slinging [s'lɪnɡɪŋ]

v. 抛( sling的现在分词 )、吊挂、遣送、押往


v. 大便,拉屎( shit的现在分词 )、拉屎弄脏(某物)、取笑、欺骗

  • Shitting the bed? How's that?

  • I've been trying to get you on the phone for two weeks. Jessica leaves, and all of a sudden, I start falling through the cracks?

crack [kræk]

vt. 破裂,打开、(使…)开裂、说(笑话)、开瓶

vi. 断裂,折断、碎裂声,爆裂声、镜子破裂了、失去控制,衰退

n. 裂缝、试图、缝隙、(可听到响声的)重击

adj. 训练有素的、技艺高超的、优秀的、一流的

  • You're not falling through anything. I'm here now, and I brought the best junior partner in the firm.

  • I don't give a shit if he's the best junior towel boy. I got something for you to do, and I want it done yesterday.

towel [ˈtaʊəl]

n. 毛巾,手巾、纸巾

vt. 用毛巾擦

vi. 用毛巾擦干身体

  • Let me guess, you want to sell your vodka business.

vodka [ˈvɑdkə]

n. 伏特加酒

  • How the hell could you know that?