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  • I question your premise. How is a new suit going to prevent me from passing out in front of a ballroom full of people?

premise [ˈprɛmɪs]

n. 前提、[复数]房屋、[复数][合同、契约用语]上述各点、(逻辑学中的)大[小]前提

vt. 预述(条件等)、提出…为前提、假设、作出前提

ballroom [ˈbɔlˌrum, -ˌrʊm]

n. 舞厅,跳舞场

  • It'll give you confidence. Sometimes when I'm feeling stressed out I go out and buy a cute top or a fun skirt and I have a whole new outlook on life.


v. 强调( stress的过去式)、重读、[机械学]使承受压力、给…加压力(或应力)

adj. 紧张的、感到有压力的

outlook [ˈaʊtˌlʊk]

n. 前景,展望、观点,见解、景色、眺望处

v. 瞪着看,瞧、比…漂亮、用目光压倒

  • Don't you eventually realize you're the same stressed-out person in a cute top or a fun skirt?

eventually [ɪˈvɛntʃuəli]

adv. 终于,最后、竟、总归、终究

  • Yeah, that's when I buy shoes. Now, let's see what we got. Oh. This is nice.

  • It's only one color.

  • Yes, so?

  • That's a lot of money for only one color.

  • Fine. Why don't you pick out what you like?

  • Hmm. This is pretty sharp.

sharp [ʃɑrp]

adj. 敏锐的、锋利的、狡猾的,聪明的、尖锐的

adv. 猛烈地、尖锐地、尖利地、偏高地

n. 升半音、尖头、骗子、内行,专家

vt. [音乐]把(音调)升高(半音)

vi. [音乐]升音演奏(或演唱)

  • No. You're wrong.

  • This is great. I had a suit like this when I was six. Okay, I think we have a winner.

  • Where the hell did you find that?

  • In the prom department.

prom [prɑm]

n. 正式舞会,毕业舞会

  • It's ridiculous.

ridiculous [rɪˈdɪkjələs]

adj. 可笑的,荒谬的、荒唐的,愚蠢的、胡枝扯叶

  • Says the former member of the corn queen's court.

  • Please just try this one on?

  • Okay. But anything I put on now is only gonna suffer in comparison. This is absurd. I look like a clown.

absurd [əbˈsɜrd]

adj. 荒谬的、荒唐的、无理性的,杂乱无章的、荒诞主义的,荒诞的

n. 无价值,无意义

clown [klaʊn]

n. 丑角,小丑、乡下人,笨拙粗鲁的人、经常闹笑话的人、小气鬼,守财奴

v. 扮小丑、闹笑话、说笑话,逗趣