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2020/02/18 分享
  • Sheldon. Congratulations. Brought you cheesecake from work. You know, because of your award, not because that busboy sneezed on it.

cheesecake [ˈtʃizˌkek]

n. 奶酪蛋糕、半裸体的女人照片

busboy [ˈbʌsˌbɔɪ]

n. <美>餐馆工


v. 打喷嚏( sneeze的过去式和过去分词 )

  • I'm not accepting the award.

award [əˈwɔrd]

vt. 授予,奖给,判给、判归,判定

n. 奖品、(仲裁人、公断人的)裁定、(法院、法官的)判决、裁定书

  • Why not?

  • Turns out the great Sheldon Cooper has stage fright.

stage fright [stedʒ fraɪt]

n. 怯场

  • That's no reason to back out. I once got a pretty big honor in high school. I was terrified about appearing in front of a big crowd but I went through with it. You know? The world looked pretty darn good sitting on a haystack in the back of a Ford F-150 as a member of the corn queen's court.

honor [ˈɑnɚ]

n. 尊敬、敬意、荣誉、光荣

vt. 尊敬,给以荣誉

[英国英语] =honour

terrified ['terɪfaɪd]

adj. 很害怕的,极度惊慌的,吓坏了的

v. 使恐怖,使惊吓,恐吓( terrify的过去式和过去分词 )

darn [dɑrn]

vt.& vi. 织补、缝补、补缀

n. 织补之处、补丁

haystack [ˈheˌstæk]

n. 干草堆

  • Thank you. I'll bear that in mind if I'm ever nominated for the Hillbilly Peace Prize.

nominated ['nɒmɪneɪtɪd]

v. 提名…为候选人( nominate的过去式和过去分词 )、任命、挑选、指定(时间、日期、名称等)

  • Sheldon, you're being ridiculous.

ridiculous [rɪˈdɪkjələs]

adj. 可笑的,荒谬的、荒唐的,愚蠢的、胡枝扯叶

  • Am I? Let me tell you a story. Where's 70 children when you need them? I was 14 and graduating summa cum laude from college. "Summa cum laude" is Latin for "with highest honors".

  • I just love how you always skip over the part where no one asks.

  • I was valedictorian and expected to give an address. Even now I can remember that moment when I walked up to the podium and looked out at the crowd. There must have been thousands of people. My heart started pounding in my chest. I began to hyperventilate. My vision became blurry, and before I knew it... Oh, dear.

valedictorian [ˌvælɪdɪkˈtɔriən, -ˈtor-]

n. 致告别辞者,告别演说者

podium [ˈpoʊdiəm]

n. 表演台、讲台、乐队指挥台、领奖台

hyperventilate [ˌhaɪpərˈventɪleɪt]


  • Oh, my God.