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2020/02/13 分享
  • No, I I I asked him, he took multiple measurements, he's my best man.

  • It's another faulty meter. You're wasting our time.

faulty [ˈfɔlti]

adj. 错误的、有错误的,有过失的,有缺点的、不完美的

  • I checked the meter against the control.

  • What's wrong with you? How'd you get that number from feedwater leaking from a blown tank?

feedwater ['fidwɔtə]

n. 给水

  • You don't.

  • Then what the fuck are you talking about?

  • I walked around the exterior of Building 4. I think there's graphite on the ground in the rubble.

exterior [ɪkˈstɪriə(r)]

n. 外部,外面,表面,外形,外观、外貌、[影视]外景,[戏,影视]户外布景

adj. 外面的,外部的,外表上的,表面的

graphite [ˈɡræfˌaɪt]

n. <化>石墨,黑铅、铅笔粉

rubble [ˈrʌbəl]

n. 碎石,瓦砾、碎砖,瓦砾、碎岩、残壁