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2020/02/12 分享
  • Well?

  • I sent my dosimetrists into the reactor building. The large dosimeter from the safe, the one with the 1,000-roentgen capacity.

dosimeter [doʊ'sɪmətə]

n. 放射量测定器

capacity [kəˈpæsɪti]

n. 容量、才能、性能、生产能力

adj. 充其量的,最大限度的

  • What was the number?

  • There was none. The meter burned out the second it was turned on.

  • It's typical. See? This is what Moscow does. Sends us shit equipment, then wonders why things go wrong.

typical [ˈtɪpɪkəl]

adj. 典型的、特有的或特别的、代表性的

  • We found another dosimeter from the military fire department. It only goes to 200 roentgen, but it's better than the small ones.

military [ˈmɪləteri]

adj. 军事的、军用的、讨厌的、好战的

n. 军人、军队、武装力量

  • And?

  • It maxed out. Two hundred roentgen.

  • What game are you playing?