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2020/02/10 分享
  • Hello? Hello? Who else knows this? Have you called Fomin? Of course I want you to call him. If I'm up, he's up.

  • Whatever the cause, the important thing is that neither you nor I...

  • I take it the safety test was a failure?

  • We have the situation under control.

under control [ˈʌndɚ kənˈtrol]


  • Under control? It doesn't look like it's under control.

  • Shut up, Fomin. I have to tell the Central *Committee8 about this. Do you realize that? I have to get on the phone and tell Maryin, or God forbid Frolyshev, that my power plant is on fire.

  • No one can blame you for this, Director Bryukhanov.

blame [blem]

vt. 指责,责怪、归咎于

n. 责备、责任、过失

  • Of course no one can blame me for this. How can I be responsible? I was sleeping. Tell me what happened, quickly.