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2020/02/06 分享
  • He's in shock. Get him out of here.

shock [ʃɑk]

n. 休克、震惊、震动、打击

vt. 使休克、使震惊、使震动、使受电击

vi. 感到震惊、受到震动、堆成禾束堆

adj. 浓密的、蓬乱的

  • The lid is off! The stack is burning. I saw it.

lid [lɪd]

n. 盖子、限制、[口]果盖、[口]遮盖

vt. 给…盖盖子

  • You're confused. RBMK reactor cores don't explode. Akimov

  • Don't worry, we did everything right.

  • Something something strange has happened.

  • Do you taste metal?

  • Comrade Perevozschenko, what you're saying is physically impossible. The core can't explode. It has to be the tank.

physically [ˈfɪzɪkəlɪ]

adv. 体格上,身体上、物理上、<非正>完全地

  • We're wasting time. Let's go. Get the hydrogen out of the generators and pump water into the core.

generators [d'ʒenəreɪtəz]

n. 发电机,发生器( generator的名词复数 )、电力公司

  • What about the fire?

  • Call the fire brigade.

brigade [brɪˈɡeɪd]

n. 旅

vt. 把…编成旅、把…编成队