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2020/02/04 分享
  • But instead, ten years for "criminal mismanagement".

criminal [ˈkrɪmənəl]

n. 罪犯,犯人

adj. 刑事的、犯罪的、可耻的

mismanagement [ˌmɪs'mænɪdʒmənt]

n. 管理不善,经营不当,处置失当、处置失当

  • What does that mean? No one knows.

  • It doesn't matter. What does matter is that, to them, justice was done.

justice [ˈdʒʌstɪs]

n. 正义、公正、法律制裁、审判员,法官

  • Because, you see, to them a just world is a sane world.

just [dʒʌst]

adv. 刚才、仅仅,只是、正好、刚要

adj. 公正的,合理的、恰当的、合法的、正确的

  • There was nothing sane about Chernobyl.

sane [sen]

adj. 心智健全的、神志正常的、明智的、稳健的

  • What happened there, what happened after, even the good we did, all of it... all of it ... madness.

  • Well, I've given you everything I know.

  • They'll deny it, of course. They always do.

deny [dɪˈnaɪ]

vt. 拒绝、拒绝承认、拒绝…占有、否认知情

  • I know you'll try your best.