Way to English
2020/01/16 分享
  • Hey, Ethan?

  • Yeah, Patches?

  • I was actually thinking that maybe we stop with the nickname. We had our fun, but maybe stop all the jokes about my coding mistake from years ago, and also stop calling me Patches.

  • Yeah. Okay. Butt Stuff. You remember that? When you walked around all day and your T-shirt was stuck all the way into your underwear, all day?

  • I mean, I remember it, but no to Butt Stuff. Just call me Richard.

  • Here's the thing. That name makes me happy, and if you had as much managerial experience as I do, you'd know that keeping your star coder happy is how you get the best work, and you guys need me to do really good work because I'm kind of the only person here that can do it, so I'm just gonna keep calling you Patches. Is that okay with you? Patches?