Way to English
2020/01/15 分享
  • Guys, we are in a huge hole here. Whatever it takes to get us out of it, please. Why don't you talk to Tracy in HR, and you can get your start-paperwork.

  • Cool! Looks I already earned my keep, huh, Patches?

  • Patches. Yeah. Oh, that's weird that you remember that. I'll tell them. First day at Hooli, I wore this sweater that had these, like, elbow pads on it.

  • HooliPhones? Are you fucking serious? You just laid down and let that guy roll all over us.

  • Look, I don't wanna use Hooli shit anymore than you guys, but this is for the greater good of the company. This will get us to a working test. This will get us to Hawaii.

  • Hey! Holden. I asked for a water.