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2020/01/14 分享
  • So you guys are planning to build your own external antennas to deploy for the Hawaii test? Why?

  • The zero-start problem. Until we have a critical mass of users, iOS and Android devices don't have enough range.

  • Right, of course not, but push-to-talk HooliPhones do.

  • HooliPhones? You want us to roll out our network on push-to-talk, janky-ass HooliPhones?

  • Laugh it up, but the fact that they still have low power, omnidirectional antennas means they have a radius of four miles. What is your antenna's range? One mile?

  • Wrong. 1.15.

  • Okay. Line of sight, though.

  • Maybe.

  • Richard, you guys just bought 250,000 HooliPhones. Instead of spending more money on expensive and mediocre antennas, why not just give away HooliPhones for the test? Delete.

  • You know, Ethan, could you walk us through the Hooli OS side of all this work?

  • Yeah, totally, but I think it'd go faster if I just took point and your guys backed me up.

  • I'm sorry, what do you mean, back you up?