Way to English
2020/01/13 分享
  • Hey, Ethan! What are you doing here?

  • You tell me, boss.

  • Ethan was my first manager when I was at Hooli. I didn't know you still worked there.

  • Yeah, well, we can't all invent middle-out compression. Anyway, I hope I make the cut.

  • Yeah, well, we're having to be creative with the merger, so...

  • Yeah, totally. That's why I figured I could maybe help. You could use Hooli OS for your entire mobile suite.

  • Yeah, we're not gonna spend months porting Hooli software over to our protocol, so

  • But thanks. Yeah, it was a good thought.

  • Yeah, you wouldn't have to. When we iterated Hooli OS 11, we reengineered the entire network layer to be compatible with other protocols and you own it.

  • How quickly, would you say, you could, um, make it work with PiperNet?

  • A few weeks with almost zero refactor.

  • How much money do you think that could save us?