Way to English
2020/01/09 分享
  • Hey, guys.

  • Hey, what's with him?

  • Penny's been keeping him up at night.

  • Me, too. But probably in a different way.

  • She's gotten really hooked on age of conan. She's playing nonstop.

  • Ah, yes, online gaming addiction. There's nothing worse than having that multi-player monkey on your back.

  • Sheldon, wake up!

  • Danger! danger!

  • Afternoon, men. Sheldon.

  • Oh, yeah? Well, your attempt at juvenilizing me by excluding me from the set of adult males, just... Oh, I'm too tired to do this.

  • Right. I heard you've been pulling all-nighters with middle earth barbie.

  • She comes into my room. No one's supposed to be in my room.

  • I would postulate that she's escaping into the online world to compensate for her sexual frustration.

  • I do that, too. But probably in a different way.

  • That's not what she's doing, Leslie. She's just trying to shore up her self-esteem. It has nothing to do with sex.

  • Everything has to do with sex.

  • Mm, testify.

  • I'm not touching that.