Way to English
2020/01/03 分享
  • Oh, Mr.Florrick. Hello. How are you?

  • Good, ma'am. Very good.

  • I wish you'd made an appointment. I just spoke to your wife. Unfortunately, we don't have any room for your two children. But I was saying beginning next year..., at the start of next year, we should have room.

  • You know what one of the advantages of my position is, Miss Venegas?

  • No, I imagine there must be many.

  • No, not really. But background checks, thorough background checks are one of the great advantages. As I was perusing through some of these background checks, I was somewhat surprised to find that many of your teachers had issues. Of course, I was only checking as a concerned parent who's thinking of sending his children here. Luckily, there were no sexual charges. But there were quite a few felony DUIs, check kiting and drug charges.

  • You're the state's attorney, sir.

  • Yes, ma'am, I am. That's why I'm gonna say this to you very slowly. I'm the state's attorney. You don't say no to me. And you especially don't say no to me when it concerns my children. Do you understand? I think the word you're looking for is yes. Good. So we'll be hearing from you.