Way to English
2020/01/02 分享
  • Well, I do hope you consider moving back to the neighborhood.

  • I'd love to, but, you know, civil servant pay.

  • Oh, my goodness, I do. I used to teach public school. Social studies.

  • Sorry about that. Work.

  • Usually, it's the husbands ducking out to take calls.

  • We take turns.

  • Anyway, I hope you'll make an exception for our kids because I think you'll really love Zach and Grace.

  • Oh, I'm sure I will. I very much want to. Let me see what I can do.

  • I forgot how good you were at that.

  • At what?

  • Charming the teachers.

  • It's the height. They respect the height.

  • So are we gonna let Zach drive all this way?

  • It's only another 20 minutes.

  • And Grace? What about Grace?

  • She made a mistake. I worry we screwed up our kids.

  • You worry that I screwed up the kids.

  • That's true.