Way to English
2019/12/27 分享
  • We got sidetracked. You came to me. You're thinking about leaving.

  • Uh, well, it's crossed my mind.

  • Is this about comp?

  • No. God, no. You've always made that clear. I'm better paid than anyone in my med-school class except the guy who invented the synthetic bladder.

  • I'll short his company, give some speeches, chop him down to size.

  • It's not about comp. But it is about value mine and growth, as in whether I'm still growing. I love this place, but I do miss seeing more than a handful of other patients. At-risk adolescents, women in crisis. You know, using those other muscles.

  • Where's this coming from?

  • It's been on my mind.

  • Your value to the firm is absolute. You just saved me from making a huge mistake for dick-measuring purposes. So let's do this. Spend as much time away from here as you want. See other patients outside. But stick with me.

  • Thank you.