Way to English
2019/12/26 分享
  • Hey. Come in.

  • Bite?

  • Oh, God, no.

  • I'm glad you came in. I was gonna come see you.

  • About?

  • A purchase I'm considering.

  • An impulse purchase?

  • Naturally.

  • Sizeable? I'm guessing it's something you may not even particularly need.

  • People are saying if I do, it'll unleash the hounds which makes me want it even more.

  • That's good. Back when we started, you wouldn't have been able to recognize the motivation until long after you bought it.

  • Well, back when we started, I was just rich, not super-rich. You know, being a billionaire I never get to talk about this with anyone 'cause who's gonna give a shit? But being a billionaire, when you walk into a room, it's like being a woman with a perfect set of tits. Or great legs. Or eyes like yours. You know exactly what everyone's looking at, and you know exactly what they want. You know what that's like.

  • Okay, player. Identifying the fact that buying can be a surrogate for power and that outside authority isn't something you do well, this is progress. You've come a long way since we started.

  • I guess considering when we started I was staggering around crying along with the half of us still breathing.

  • But knowing isn't enough. You've got to exercise control. Don't get into a bitch fight over nothing. Don't buy it.