Way to English
2019/12/25 分享
  • I'm staying.

  • No, you're not.

  • Hey, speaking of headlines, is this shit we're hearing about the beach house real? 'Cause that's a headline you don't want.

  • Since when's a rich guy buying a house illegal? There's the way things look and the way things are. You taught me that.

  • It's like he's slapping my guy in the face with a white glove. You know what happens next.

  • If there were any doubt, we'd tie him to his chair. World's full of snipers. But Bobby runs a clean shop.

  • So he just keeps a top defense firm on retainer at $800 an hour because he loves lawyers?

  • Must be. And we're $1,000 an hour. There's nothing there.

  • Like Warren Buffett says, you put a police car on anyone's tail for 500 miles, he's gonna get a ticket.