Way to English
2019/12/24 分享
  • So, this is how a man with no conscience spends his time.

  • It's how a grown-up does.

  • You know, I remember when you were my professor, you told us a lawyer's calling was beyond mere recompense. It was to serve the spirit of the law regardless of gain.

  • Yeah. It is. Until it's not.

  • What?

  • You'll see. Once you sell out and play for the defense, too.

  • Nah, I've found my calling.

  • Okay, Claude Dancer. One day you'll be coming to me just like this, asking for a job. The good news is this when you get out of there, you're starting at $1.4, easy. Nail a few headline cases $1.7. Better news? I'll hire you.

  • I'm staying.

  • No, you're not.