Way to English
2019/12/20 分享
  • How about I circle back to it?

  • Fine. Why did you have dinner with Penny?

  • She made spaghetti with little hot dogs. I like spaghetti with little hot dogs.

  • Well, then why did you have Chinese food with us?

  • I didn't wanna upset you. Howard made it very clear that my allegiance should be to male comrades before women who sell their bodies for money.

  • Is it possible he said, "Bros before hoes"?

  • Yes, but I rephrased it to avoid offending the hoes.

  • Sheldon, I don't care if you wanna be friends with Penny.

  • Oh. So the turmoil that has been keeping me from achieving REM sleep was entirely unjustified?

  • Yes. Well, then as my meemaw would say looks like we butchered a pig, but nobody wanted bacon.

  • I guess not.

  • And now, as promised, the tangent. Sheldon and the Hell Hound. Or How I Lost My Hot Dogs.