Way to English
2019/12/17 分享
  • How's Leonard doing?

  • He seems all right although he does spend a disturbing amount of time looking at photographs of you and smelling the pillow you slept on. Although now that I think of it, he asked me not to tell you that.

  • I'll pretend I didn't hear it.

  • I'd rather you pretend I didn't say it. I see you bought Mama Italia marinara spaghetti sauce.

  • Yep.

  • That's the sauce my mother uses. She likes cooking Italian because, according to her, that's what the Romans made Jesus eat.

  • Interesting. I'll have to have you over for spaghetti some night.

  • I'm hungry now.

  • Oh, um, okay. Why don't you give me an hour and come over?

  • Will you cut up hot dogs into little chunks and mix them in with the sauce?

  • I don't have hot dogs.

  • It's all right. I do. You're in for what my mother calls a real Italian treat.