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2019/12/05 分享
  • One speech. It'll send a message to Congress that...

  • And a message to the Joint Chiefs that I'm trampling on...

  • 24,000 assaults last year. Only 3,000 reported, because they're...

  • I know the figures.

  • Do you know how many suicides result from the trauma that...

  • It's not a question of statistics.

  • This bill will save lives.

  • Can we discuss this later?

  • I had to schedule this meeting, Garrett.

  • It's the middle of the day, Patricia. You know very well how my...

  • Don't make me lobby you when I go home.

  • I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr.President. The Secretary-General is here.

  • Two more minutes.

  • It's 12:30. He was scheduled for 12:15.

  • I'll go. You were supposed to tell me to stay, but it's nice to know I'm worth at least two minutes.