Way to English
2019/12/03 分享
  • Show him in, please. Remy.

  • So formal.

  • Would you have a seat?

  • You shouldn't keep your interns so late. You and I might not have lives, but they do.

  • When there's work to be done, we work. They know that.

  • Why am I here at 10 at night?

  • Where is the GOP getting their money?

  • That is a 25-million-dollar question, isn't it?

  • You must have an idea.

  • What makes you think that?

  • Because you know things. That's why Glendon Hill made you partner.

  • Most of our clients are Democrats. I'm just as much in the dark as you are.

  • I'm losing in my district, Remy.

  • And I wish I could help you.

  • Even if I pull off a win, it doesn't matter. The GOP takes the House, I lose my spot in the leadership, this office, everything I've worked for.

  • I feel for you. But you want information I don't have.