Way to English
2019/12/02 分享
  • Do you think we're doing the right thing, hauling her in front of the cameras?

  • We have to trust her when she says she wants to. But it's very important that the White House backs us up on this, not just you.

  • I'm not sure if Garrett will get involved publicly.

  • Well, can you talk to him?

  • We haven't been doing much talking about anything lately.

  • Things haven't gotten any better?

  • We haven't said a word to each other in almost a week.

  • I've been there. It's awful.

  • With Frank?

  • Sure.

  • What did you do?

  • We saw someone.

  • You mean a therapist? Weren't you worried about exposure?

  • He was a minister. He wasn't exactly a therapist. It was more like a spiritual guidance type thing. The only difference was he had a degree. I could put you in touch.

  • It's too risky.

  • Just a suggestion. Let me know if you change your mind.

  • Thanks.