Way to English
2019/11/29 分享
  • Mr.Gilfoyle! You wanted to see me before I left?

  • Yes, Tracy, I did. I wanted you to be here when I push my entire backlog of code.

  • You finished all of it? In just 24 hours?

  • I did, all by myself. (CLICKS) I'll take that apology now.

  • Mr.Gilfoyle, you said that I had to choose. You said I could have it fast or I could have it right, but I just got it fast and right, and all I had to do was threaten your manhood by assigning you other coders. It worked at seven other companies, and it obviously worked here. We're back on schedule! Now, why would I be sorry about that.

  • I respect your skills.

  • Thank you. See you in the morning.