Way to English
2019/11/28 分享
  • Mr.Gilfoyle!

  • Yes, ma'am?

  • Is this your new team?

  • It is. Five people, as you requested.

  • That man over there?

  • Ken.

  • Isn't he the coffee guy?

  • Barista. Yes.

  • And Joyce was watering the plants.

  • Mona was working security.

  • Dan and George, they were painting the lobby.

  • Until today. Which reminds me, they all need to change their LinkedIn status to "placaters of middle management".

  • I'll be honest, this is sort of a first.

  • And here you thought I was just "that guy".

  • You know, Mr.Gilfoyle, you're right. You're not "that guy", because at the seven companies I've helped take public, every other "that guy" accepted their limitations, took on a team, and managed to get their work done. Some of them are now billionaires. None of them would've gotten into a dick-measuring contest with HR when they were two weeks behind. So, lucky us, I guess you're unique.