Way to English
2019/11/26 分享
  • So, Melanie will take on all of Jared's marketing duties, Gwen will cover biz dev, and that should take care of it. Does this scan to you?

  • I can see it.

  • Okay, great. Okay, back to work.

  • Uh, Bertram, while I have you...

  • You don't have me.

  • Richard's just tasked me with streamlining productivity and balancing headcount. Can you explain to me why you have no one working under you? It just seems odd considering that the agile board is showing that you have a massive backlog.

  • You're new here, so I'll forgive the patronizing tone. I'm more concerned with being right than being fast, and I don't like dealing with people. To wit, are we done?

  • Oh, you're "that guy".

  • What "guy" exactly?