Way to English
2019/11/25 分享
  • So this morning, Colin cut a new build of Gates of Galloo to his staging server.

  • Okay, um, this is Baldereach, capital city of Galloonia. Those are some ghoul knights, wearing gelatinous armor. This is just the game, pretty standard stuff.

  • Well, until I turn on the microphone. How are you doing, Richard? Are you hungry? Would you like some pizza?

  • What the fuck? He's using our API to run ads directly in the game engine?

  • Crazy, right? Domino's Pizza in a fantasy medieval universe.

  • Why, it's enough to make you wanna go on vacation.

  • And he's even using our ability to track sentiment.

  • Yeah. Even if I say nonsense words, it assigns them an emotional value. La-la-la-la-la-la-la!

  • Fuck me. So, unless we get rid of Colin, which we can't, he is going to put this on our network. Money just perverts everything.

  • At this point, I could stand to be a little perverted.

  • Yeah, I wanna be a lot perverted. I wanna blow money while it talks to its wife on the phone. I wanna suck money...

  • Microphone.

  • Oh! Uh Kittens, puppies, United Nations!