Way to English
2019/11/20 分享
  • Thank you, Dinesh.

  • Gilfoyle just said.....

  • Um, Gilfoyle? What the fuck is going on? 'Cause I just texted you, and you were Um, we've been texting back and forth all day. Was that not you?

  • Complicated question. Is your shadow you?

  • Was that a bot?

  • Yes.

  • So, I spent all day chatting with a bot?

  • Yes.

  • You made an AI Gilfoyle?

  • Yes.

  • And I was talking to it?

  • Do you need the real me for this conversation?

  • You can't just fuck with people and manipulate them because you don't have the decency to want to interact with a coworker. Gabe wants to know if he'll need a jacket if he walks to lunch. And if so, can he borrow a jacket. Look at him. Fucking Gabe. Hey, could you make me an AI Dinesh?