Way to English
2019/11/19 分享
  • So, Dinesh thinks this is you?

  • Correct. He's been messaging with it all day and he has no idea it's an AI.

  • Well, we fooled a human. I guess we just passed the Turing test.

  • Almost a human.

  • Fucking Gilfoyle. We're friends.

  • You trained that thing in a day?

  • No, I didn't train it. Son of Anton did.

  • Son of Anton?

  • An homage to a fallen friend. It's the name that I've given our new inference API. He's indexing all of PiperNet as we speak, and he's starting to recognize intent, emotion, causality.

  • Hang on, wait. Do you think you could engineer Son of Anton to index compressed audio files?

  • Why would you insult me like that? He can do whatever he wants.

  • Okay.