Way to English
2019/11/18 分享
  • Hey, Jared!

  • Hey, Tracy! How's my favorite human resource?

  • I'm fine, thanks. Did anyone mention our plan to move your office? We're thinking about putting you closer to biz dev and marketing.

  • But that's all the way back in the Hamelin Wing.

  • Yeah! Follow me, I'll show you.

  • Um... Okay, it's just, that's a little far from from Richard's office.

  • Yes, but you really don't have any day-to-day business with Richard anymore.

  • I mean, we were just walking and talking before. Oh. Looks like they're having a meeting. I should probably...

  • It's just better for office cohesion if you sit near your direct reports, and that is biz dev and marketing.

  • Yeah, no, you mentioned that. It's it's an interesting idea, but I just think that, um, I think we should check with Richard first 'cause I think he's gonna want me a little bit closer.

  • Of course. It's subject to his approval. I've already emailed him. I think once you see the conference room suites though, you'll really fall in love.

  • Okay. Yeah.

  • Just right through here.

  • Well, I don't fall in love with rooms.