Way to English
2019/11/12 分享
  • Things are just really different at Raviga, and I had nothing to do with the decision. Guys, I'm so, so sorry.

  • Wait, so the company that offered us the most until Richard talked them into offering us the least is now offering us nothing?

  • But the fact that you're so sorry makes it all better.

  • You guys will be fine. You'll find someone else.

  • We don't want someone else, Monica. The whole point of going with you guys was because we trust you guys.

  • Trusted.

  • We still have our 5% stake, and Laurie said that I can still sit on the board, which means I can still come to meetings...

  • Can I say something here? First off, Monica, you're not fooling any of us for even a second with your dress-shitty-to-ease-the-pain routine. It's a classic chick break-up move, and you're not very good at it either. You look great.

  • Yeah, beige is a good color for you. You're a true autumn.

  • Secondly, who cares? We have a three-foot stack of term sheets from the top VCs on the face of the planet. So the top one fell out. As Jay Z says, on to the next one. Jared, who's our next best offer?

  • Uh, between the numbers and the reputation, that would be Coleman Blair Partners.

  • I'm gonna go put my face on. Call Coleman Blair. Tell them that Santa Claus is coming early this year, and he's bringing a big bag of Pied Piper.