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2019/11/11 分享
  • "We're out"? What do you mean, "we're out"?

  • Was it not clear from the context? We at Raviga are out of the business of funding Pied Piper, at least while the Hooli lawsuit remains unresolved.

  • That suit is total nonsense.

  • Nonsense is not a quantifiable metric, Monica. Risk is. Funding any early-stage company is a high-risk proposition, but compound that uncertainty with a legal cloud over the company's intellectual property, and it's untenable. And that is just the financial risk. There is also a legal risk. We could become embroiled in Gavin Belson's lawsuit for aiding and abetting. And there is a political risk for the firm, but especially for me as its new leader. I'm being heavily scrutinized from both within and without. I cannot have my first decision post-Peter be one with such dubious fundamentals. It's a rudimentary decision.

  • How am I supposed to tell them this?

  • In my experience, it's best to look a person in the eye and deliver the information with warmth and compassion. One other suggestion. Dress unattractively when you tell them. I read a study. The less sexual interest they feel for you, the less perturbing it will be. It sounds strange, but it's credible. May I suggest the The beige ensemble in which you came to work Tuesday?