Way to English
2019/11/08 分享
  • Look, we're going to win this, right?

  • Richie, if what you just told me is the truth. And don't tell me if you lied. Gavin's got nothing here. This is a classic intimidation lawsuit designed to freeze you until after Nucleus comes to market.

  • It's got all the usual boilerplate nonsense: "Breach of contract," "unjust enrichment," "breach of non-solicitation" in the hiring of someone named Donald Dunn.

  • Jared. We call him Jared.

  • Changing his name to get out of it clever but irrelevant, because all we care about are the intellectual-property claims. And we will win this. But we're going to have to lawyer up.

  • What do you mean? Aren't you our lawyer?

  • I'm not a litigator. That's what you need.

  • Another lawyer? Really?

  • Lawyers, Richie. You don't want to mess around here. A young start-up with an IP lawsuit hanging over its head? I wouldn't want to be a part of that team.

  • Well, but you are a part of that team.

  • I'm part of the team that team is on.

  • It's just sounds really expensive.

  • Says the guy who just got bukkaked with fat term sheets. Welcome to the business, Richie. Look, wherever we're at with your funding, legal fees will be worked into the deal. You've got Raviga. You're covered. Relax.