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2019/11/07 分享
  • How can Gavin Belson claim that he owns Pied Piper? I mean, this whole lawsuit is insane, right?

  • Well, let me ask you something, Richie. And I need you to be totally straight with me. Was Pied Piper related in any way to what you were doing when you were working at Hooli?

  • No. No, not at all. I was doing quality assurance for mobile messaging. It had nothing to do with compression. They didn't even have a compression division at that time.

  • And did you work on Pied Piper on Hooli time or use Hooli equipment to develop it in any way - at any time, Richie?

  • No, and no.

  • Great. And by the way, always tell me that and tell yourself that. Because if you believe it, a jury will, too.

  • Oh, I I do believe it. It's the truth.

  • Great. That one was even better than the other one. I love it. Always say it exactly like that.

  • Yeah, okay.