Way to English
2019/10/30 分享
  • Haley has no plan for her future whatsoever. She's living in our basement, taking community-college classes, and, well, meandering.

  • So we're gonna take her out. We'll have some fun.

  • And then gently ease her into a friendly conversation about her future.

  • As opposed to the approach that we've taken in the past.

  • Is this what you're gonna do with your life - sleep late and take a selfie?!

  • Why are you always criticizing me?! Is this really how you want to start the day?!

  • My day started 5 hours ago.

  • I am under a lot of pressure!

  • How?! How?! You take three classes a week, and you miss half of them!

  • The parking is tricky!

  • Morning, sunshine. I saved you some lunch.

  • I get it, okay?! I'm lazy! God!