Way to English
2019/10/21 分享
  • This place is really beautiful.

  • Wah... romance ninja.

  • Sorry we're late.

  • No problem. We just sat down.

  • Mmm, would you like some wine?

  • Yeah, fill her up. I'll tell you when to stop.

  • Is everything okay?

  • Terrific. Couldn't be better.

  • Oh, bite me.

  • Look, we can still have a nice night. Just tell me where it is.

  • Maybe if you did what you said you were going to do, I'd tell you.

  • Uh, where what is?

  • She hid my Xbox like I'm a child. Yeah, and my mom got me that for my birthday, so if you don't give it back, I'm telling.

  • I've been working late every night. All I asked was that he clean the apartment and do one load of laundry. But did he do it? No. He just kept on playing that stupid game. You like pushing buttons so much, try pushing them on the washing machine.

  • I said I'm sorry.

  • Sorry doesn't clean my underpants, buddy.

  • I told you, turn them inside out.

  • And I told you to bite me.

  • Trying to have a magical night here, guys.