Way to English
2019/10/17 分享
  • So, what have you got?

  • Uh Oh, Kalinda, there you are.

  • You're working late.

  • To get a drug dealer off the streets. Someone I'm sure Lockhart, Gardner will be representing tomorrow.

  • Yep. I can feel the moral gravity pulling me in. So you called?

  • Blake Calamar. It's an interesting read.

  • Do you wanna share?

  • In Baltimore, he was working two jobs. But I guess you'd identify there. The only problem was his second job. It was protecting MS-13. When he wasn't protecting Bond and Associate interests, he was out protecting Baltimore's biggest meth gang.

  • How do you know that?

  • He was arrested. Never charged. Bond got him off. Oh, no. It's official state's attorney business. You've got a lovely little viper nest going on over there. Hey. If I were you, I'd be careful.

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