Way to English
2019/10/12 分享
  • Next up, we have our old friend who's back in the studio Louis Huang.

  • Louis, you were cracking us up the other day with your impressions.

  • Well, you know, I'm glad I exist to entertain you.

  • So, do you do Bill Cosby? I love him.

  • Me too. America's moral compass.

  • Well, you know, I'm already doing an impression.

  • Of of what?

  • A successful Chinese-American business owner who's worked hard for everything he has.

  • Uh, o-okay. All right, how about we, uh [Chuckles] How about we talk about your restaurant, right? Yeah! That seems to be what you want to Okay.

  • Well, it's a steakhouse. An American restaurant. That's right Chinese people can make all kinds of food.

  • Oh! I made pot stickers once from frozen.

  • So, Is that all Asian culture is to you pot stickers?

  • No! No! I didn't mean that.

  • You know what? Let's talk about race.

  • No, that's a little too serious for the Gus-light as far as I'm concerned.

  • Oh, okay. So you don't want me to be serious? You just want me to be joking around, be the clown. "The Chinese guy's on TV! Make everybody laugh!"

  • Let's go to commercial.